Clinic Staff

Alex Alex, Licensed Professional Counselor, in Training
April April, Licensed Professional Counselor/Service Facilitator
ChaunceyChauncey, Masters in Social Work Intern
Cierra Cierra, Service Facilitator/CCS Provider
Corey Corey, Service Facilitator/CCS Provider
Ellen Ellen, LPC, ATR-BC, ASD clinical specialist, Clinic Director
Erica Erica, Service Facilitator
Kelsey Kelsey, Masters in Social Work Intern
Kory Kory, Marriage and Family Therapist
LeahLeah, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Lia Lia, Licensed Occupational Therapist
Lori Lori, Clinic Admin
Mary Mary, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Michaela Michaela, Licensed Occupational Therapist
MontyMonty, Service Facilitator/CCS Provider
Rachael Rachael, LPC, Assistant Clinical Director
Sarah Sarah, Licensed Occupational Therapist
Tynille Tynille, Service Facilitator/CCS Provider


School Staff

AnnaAnna, Marriage and Family Therapist
Brenda Brenda, MS/CCC-SLP, School Director
Emily Emily, CSW, Classroom Support Specialist II, Mandt Instructor, OCALI Autism Center Certified
Jen Jennifer, Classroom Support Specialist II
Jesse Jesse, Classroom Support Specialist II
Kimmy Kimmy, Speech-Language Pathologist
Michelle Michelle, Licensed Occupational Therapist
Renee Renee, School Liaison
Savannah Savannah, Licensed Special Education Teacher


Administrative Staff

Kate Kate, Executive Director
Karl Karl, Human Resources and Billing
John John, Bookkeeper