Clinic Staff

Alex Alex (he/him/his), Licensed Professional Counselor
Ann Ann (she/her/hers), Service Facilitator
Ellen Ellen (she/her/hers), LPC, ATR-BC, ASD clinical specialist
Erica Erica (she/her/hers), Service Facilitator
Grace Grace (she/her/hers), Service Facilitator
Kenzie Kenzie (she/her/hers), Licensed Occupational Therapist
Kory Kory (he/him/his), Marriage and Family Therapist
Michaela Michaela (she/her/hers), Clinical Director/Licensed Occupational Therapist
MontyMonty (he/him/his), Service Facilitator/CCS Provider
Robin Robin (she/her/hers), LPC,SAC
Sam Sam (she/her/hers), LPC-IT
Sara Sara (she/her/hers), PhD Level Intern with LPC-IT
Savannah Savannah (she/her/hers), Service Facilitator
Trish Trish (she/her/hers), LPC-IT


School Staff

Alexis (she/her/hers), Child Life Specialist
noneCody (he/him/his), Mental Health Specialist
Jesse Jesse (he/him/his), Classroom Support Specialist II
noneJessica (she/her/hers), Classroom Support Specialist I
nonePayton (she/her/hers), Classroom Support Specialist I
Rebecca Rebecca (she/her/hers), School Program Director
Renee Renee (she/her/hers), Special Education Teacher
Sarah Sarah (she/her/hers), Licensed Occupational Therapist


Administrative Staff

Dwight Dwight (he/him/his), Staff Accountant
Kate Kate (she/her/hers), Executive Director