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Our mission is to empower autistics, other neurodivergents, and anyone who experiences mental health needs and sensory differences by providing meaningful, comprehensive support. We accomplish this by offering a variety of evidence-based, personalized therapeutic and educational services built on an individual's strengths, goals, and community.



Common Threads is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our work centers on our unparalleled respect for neurodiversity. We offer individualized psychotherapy and occupational therapy services in our clinic and innovative educational opportunities in our school program. All of our programming is geared toward autistic* individuals, and those with behavioral disorders, sensory differences, and mental health needs. Our team prides itself on creating a daily environment of acceptance and growth where students and clients flourish.

  • A place where individuals can find acceptance, hope, and understanding.
  • A place where families and allies can find meaningful support, guidance, and a road forward.
  • A place where autistics can find meaningful services from people who get it.

At Common Threads we genuinely care about your personal experience and want to help you find the path that works best for you. A path that encapsulates your goals, insights, and hopes. Common Threads providers meet you where you are and work with your strengths rather than only focusing on your needs and challenges. We want to work with you to help you find meaningful outcomes. 

*For more information on why we use identity-first language, read this article.

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Screen_Shot_2021-04-26_at_1.30.49_PM.pngCommon Threads Clinic is a state-licensed outpatient clinic comprised of a multidisciplinary group of psychotherapists, occupational therapists and behaviorists who provide a continuum of outpatient services. We specialize in therapeutic services for persons of all ages with autism, trauma, mental health, sensory, behavioral, and cognitive needs, both in individual and small group settings. 

Our therapeutic services are often hands-on, and are organized in structured, supportive settings....

School Program


The Common Threads School Program offers alternative placement for students in the greater Madison area who require intensive supports and a smaller learning environment to develop critical skills for successful participation across school settings.  

A transdisciplinary educational team combines highly individualized instructional and therapeutic approaches specifically designed for students with autism, complex communication needs, and issues related to sensory dysregulation....

What People Are Saying

Mother of 13 yo

"Our daughter was not able to attend any school in the Madison area. We also could not find any suitable school within an hour or so of Madison that would work. We were fortunate to learn of Common Threads, and for the first time in five years, our daughter is able to go to school each day in a safe and respected environment. We have seen a marked improvement in our daughter's ability to react to situations that previously would have immediately resulted in her being dysregulated. We can't say enough about how thankful we are that Common Threads is able to serve our community, and how amazing their staff is on every level."

Father of 11 yo

"The staff was everything we could have asked for– kind, patient, competent, and responsive. Our son thrived in the experience, and had great fun at the same time. Thank you, Common Threads!"

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