Common Threads was founded by Jacqueline “Rose” Moen in 2006. Jackie, along with parents, concerned individuals, allies, and experienced treatment providers, launched Common Threads as a response to the community’s needs. As parents of young children with autism, Jackie and others were frustrated by the lack of services - and extremely long waiting lists - in the Greater Dane County area for their children. They also desperately wanted to offer cutting-edge services for their children and others.

Starting in Jackie's living room, Common Threads offered their first Therapeutic Play Program during the summer of 2007. Families found connection by bringing their children out of isolated treatment within their homes into small group treatment within a community setting. Children thrived in small groups therapeutic sessions led by licensed clinicians. The focus was on sensory, reinforcement, visual supports, and meaningful skills all within the context of connection and play.

The success of that pilot program, coupled with the continued need for programming, led Common Threads to purchase our first building and create full-time programming. We began to reach more individuals and further understand the service needs of autistics and their families. This knowledge guided the programming we developed, and we moved from serving only preschool-aged children to supporting children and adolescents of all ages within the first year. 

In 2008, we launched our school program starting with a small pilot group. The school programming has undergone several iterations to evolve to what we currently offer. We presently serve students from 10+ school districts across Dane County and the greater south central Wisconsin region.

Now, years later, we’re proud of how we’ve expanded our clinic and school program services and offerings. We welcome children, adolescents, teens, and adults at Common Threads. As we’ve grown, we continue to prioritize our commitment to using innovative, client-led programming that provides meaningful outcomes for our clients.