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Common Threads School Program Overview

The Common Threads School Program offers an alternative placement option for students in the greater Madison area who require intensive supports and a smaller learning environment to develop critical skills for successful participation across school settings.

A trans-disciplinary educational team combines highly individualized instructional and therapeutic approaches specifically designed for students with autism spectrum disorders, complex communication needs, and issues related to sensory dysregulation. Capitalizing on individual strengths and interests, the curriculum is designed to increase independence in functional routines, promote social and daily living skills, and provide academic instruction to address the following Critical Lifelong Goals:

  • To tolerate and value interactions with others
  • To communicate intentionally and effectively
  • To learn to accept change and new experiences
  • To be independent of constant verbal direction
  • To organize information and learn new meanings & purposes
  • To self-monitor and manage stress & anxiety

The purpose of The Common Threads School Program is to assess the student’s underlying characteristics and needs, develop a system of supports to address individual needs, and provide instruction to build foundational skills needed in order to access the educational opportunities provided in the general school and community settings. The Common Threads School program is not designed to serve as a long-term placement option, nor as a replacement to the public school experience.

Trans-disciplinary Team
  • Each student’s team includes a licensed Special Education Teacher, an Occupational Therapist, Speech/Language Pathologist, Mental Health Therapist, and Classroom Support Specialists.
  • Related services are incorporated into the students’ schedules to ensure all aspects of students’ functioning are considered throughout all activities of the school day and meaningful progress is achieved.
Individualized Instruction
  • Common Threads School Program uses The Ziggurat Model (Aspy & Grossman, 2011, 2012) framework to guide assessment and the development of comprehensive intervention programs for each student.
  • Emphasizes strengths & individual characteristics in addition to specific learning needs
  • Provided in collaboration with parents and IEP team
  • Curricular emphasis on the development of independence in functional routines, social and life skills, in addition to academic content areas

Full-day and partial-day placement options are available.  Additional Information regarding the Common Threads School Program:

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We watched our child’s self confidence grow daily. Most competent and compassionate staff. It was a gift for our whole family.

Mother of 5 Year Old Boy

Our Support …

Common Threads support children, adolescents and adults with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Mental health challenges
  • Developmental delays
  • Sensory integration needs
  • Behavioral issues
  • Social challenges

We Understand …

We understand the challenges you face as a parent and offer a helping hand of support. If you’ve struggled with the constant demands, fully aware that you are doing all you can but still in search of that extra something to unlock your remarkable child’s full potential, you are not alone. We promise to do everything in our power to assist you in your mission to secure the best possible care. From psychological, therapeutic, and behavioral therapies to ongoing emotional support, we are here for you and we can help.

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