Weather Policy Reminder

When considering when to close due to snow, ice and/or extreme cold our highest priority is the safety of students, clients and staff. Given the variety of areas that we serve, making a decision about whether to close for the day can sometimes be a balancing act, but we endeavor to make the decision in the interests of the majority of students/clients. We do, however, understand that individual circumstances can arise and, even when we do open, strongly encourage you to make the decision that is best for your child on those difficult weather days.

When Common Threads closes we post to the following websites:

Channel 3000

How do we decide whether or not to close?

Knowing how important predictability is to many of the children we serve, we endeavor to make decisions as early as possible. Where possible, that means making the decision the night before, but in most cases the appropriate staff wake early to make the decision.

Snow/Ice – Common Thread’s monitors weather predictions based on the ECMWF model, road reports and webcam footage from 511WI’s, and the closure of school districts who have greater access to local police and city services.

Extreme Cold – As many of our clients find movement useful and access to outdoors can be a useful regulation strategy, Common Threads will consider closing at -25 degrees. This does not guarantee closure, as the time that the temperature is due to drop will also be considered. On days that we do open but the actual temperature or wind-chill temperature is below zero, students/clients access to the outdoors will be limited accordingly due to the possibility of tissue damage to skin.

Late Starts and Early Dismissal

Historically, Common Threads has been less likely than school districts to call a late start as it creates a lot of problems with work schedules and transport services. The same is true for early dismissal, but at any time if you are worried about the safety of your child at the arranged travel time you can arrange an alternate option.

We appreciate your understanding that we are doing our best to balance the welfare of those we serve as well as maximize service support.

Extreme Cold: Why -25?

Madison School District (MMSD) has their policy set at -25 whereas many other areas set their limit at a Windchill Warning or -35. One of the reasons MMSD set their limit differently is that they are reported to have more students who walk to school. Likewise, Common Threads has a unique situation in that we work with students who find big movements helpful but do not (yet) have a large indoor gym area, many of our students’ sensory systems are not necessary attuned to the cold in the same way as neurotypical students, and our location on a high point in McFarland increases our exposure to wind and hence windchill.

Fee Free Giving

Common Threads is now linked with Facebook so that donations made through the site do not attract any Facebook or processing fees. Facebook will provide you with a tax deduction receipt directly.

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Summer 2018 Groups

We are happy to announce our:

Science of SuperheroesReaders Theater Club and School Success Club for Summer 2018.

See links for more details.

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School Success club


Summer schedule coming soon

partyWe’re really excited about this year’s Summer schedule. We’ve got some extra service options, interesting groups, and a bunch of staff filled with fun ideas. Announcement coming by the end of February.


All of us at Common Threads wish to gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the Robert Lazarz family in funding the Lazarz Family Foundation Scholarship for children attending our school program. This scholarship is offered to second year students and is based upon financial need. Thank you, Bob, Nan, and your family for this extraordinary gift. It’s the people like you that help make Common Threads such a wonderful place to be.


... Our son made noticeable and measurable social, communication, and cognitive gains over the eight weeks of the pilot program. We were so impressed with the knowledgeable and compassionate facilitators ...

Parents of 3 Year Old Boy

Our Support …

Common Threads support children, adolescents and adults with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Mental health challenges
  • Developmental delays
  • Sensory integration needs
  • Behavioral issues
  • Social challenges

We Understand …

We understand the challenges you face as a parent and offer a helping hand of support. If you’ve struggled with the constant demands, fully aware that you are doing all you can but still in search of that extra something to unlock your remarkable child’s full potential, you are not alone. We promise to do everything in our power to assist you in your mission to secure the best possible care. From psychological, therapeutic, and behavioral therapies to ongoing emotional support, we are here for you and we can help.

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