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The Common Threads Family Resource Center provides services and support to children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum disorders and mental health diagnoses. Family support is a large part of what we do. All of our programs embrace the special strengths, talents and needs of the individual and their family. Using a strength-based approach, we are committed to bringing out the best in each individual. We recognize challenging behaviors are often the result of social, emotional, communicative, and/or sensory needs. With a supportive and compassionate touch, we provide children with opportunities to learn and practice new solutions. Meet the leadership and staff at Common Threads.


Common Threads Family Resource Center has expanded significantly from its modest home-based therapeutic play program beginnings. Today, the program includes occupational, speech, dance, music, and art therapies, various mental health opportunities, social skills development, and a school  program that offers individualized curriculum for elementary and high school-aged students.The Common Threads Family Resource Center is housed in a beautiful 100-year-old former schoolhouse in McFarland, just off the East Beltline and Hwy. 51. With spectacular twelve-foot windows that provide natural sunlight and a large organic fenced play yard with many fruit bearing trees and bushes, the center is a cheerful space that encourages learning and growth.

A Mission of Service

Common Threads Family Resource Center is a meaningful response to programming and service needs that exist in our community. By joining together families, professionals, school districts and individuals who care passionately about children, we maximize our ability to create positive outcomes.

The Challenge

When a person’s disorder manifests itself in atypical behavior, it is often misunderstood, leaving families feeling very isolated. Disorders and mental health challenges often results in extreme frustration for the child, siblings, and parents.  We believe Common Threads has found a better way of intervention- a collaborative model.

The Common Threads center focuses on therapeutic social opportunities for the children we serve.  We recognize that some children have been left to navigate through childhood misunderstood and frustrated.  Our efforts are recognized as being both innovative and productive.

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Beyond Autism

Expanding Beyond Autism

As we grew, we heard from more and more families struggling to find solutions when traditional therapy programs did not meet their needs. Because our programs treat a wide range of mental health and behavioral issues, we quickly saw that individuals with diagnoses beyond autism spectrum disorder could benefit from our progressive therapy opportunities and talented staff.

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Our Approach

The Common Threads School

Using a strength-based approach, the Common Threads school program reintroduces the joy of learning to students. Skilled instructors trained in diverse learning systems help students overcome academic, communicative, behavioral, social, emotional, and sensory processing challenges and succeed on their own terms. To maximize success inside and outside the classroom, the curriculum also includes community instruction when possible, helping each child practice learned skills with support from the community. Learn more about our school services or call us at (608) 838-8999.

Therapeutic Services

Using a trans-disciplinary approach, our highly trained and well-respected therapists provide services for the entire family:

  • Therapeutic play program: Much like any early learning environment, we gather children together to learn new skills cooperatively. However, instead of the focus being on ABC’s or cutting in a straight line, we work on opportunities for meaningful social interaction, turn-taking, flexibility, following routines, sustaining attention, basic play sequences, and simple tolerance of others.
  • After-school program: Serves elementary aged children who struggle socially, emotionally, and/or academically. Children meet for a few hours per week in an environment that supports their first friendships.
  • Saturday social skills program: Teaches the fundamentals of being a friend and having a successful relationship. (Currently not available.)
  • Teen groups: Offer therapeutic opportunities for adolescents in a structured, supportive setting. We incorporate fun, hands-on experiences while targeting individualized goals in the areas of emotional regulation, social, leisure, problem-solving, and daily living skills. These groups work on the difficult reality of being different and not fitting in.
  • Occupational therapy clinic: Supports the “occupations” of children such as eating, dressing, playing on the playground, interacting with siblings, learning at school, and engaging successfully in typical family life. When children are struggling in any one of these areas, occupational therapists are able to analyze a child’s functional skills (such as how they process sensory information, their balance, visual skills, attention and regulation) in order to learn about their unique strengths and difficulties. We specialize in working with children with autism, sensory processing disorders, learning disabilities, and children who are just struggling to cope with everyday tasks.
  • Mental health therapists: Meet with children with autism spectrum disorders and other mental health diagnoses individually to work through feelings of anxiety, despair, rejection, misunderstanding, and isolation. Additionally, we work with family members that are affected but often forgotten—brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and grandparents.

Common Threads employs masters-level clinicians, including those licensed in child psychology, art, dance, music, speech, and occupational therapies.

At Common Threads, we are improving childhoods, creating healthier families, and ultimately changing futures.

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... Our son made noticeable and measurable social, communication, and cognitive gains over the eight weeks of the pilot program. We were so impressed with the knowledgeable and compassionate facilitators ...

Parents of 3 Year Old Boy

Our Support …

Common Threads support children, adolescents and adults with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Mental health challenges
  • Developmental delays
  • Sensory integration needs
  • Behavioral issues
  • Social challenges

We Understand …

We understand the challenges you face as a parent and offer a helping hand of support. If you’ve struggled with the constant demands, fully aware that you are doing all you can but still in search of that extra something to unlock your remarkable child’s full potential, you are not alone. We promise to do everything in our power to assist you in your mission to secure the best possible care. From psychological, therapeutic, and behavioral therapies to ongoing emotional support, we are here for you and we can help.

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